About Us

GSNM Diabetes Clinic & Research Centre was started on 04th February 1996 by Dr Pratap Narayan Mishra in Patna as an exclusive specialty centre for Diabetes Management.On 13th November 1997, it was the first OPD clinic in world to go fully computerised and generating prescription by cumulative assessment of investigations and history.

Dr Pratap Narayan Mishra is one of the first Indian members of reputed institutions like ADA , EASD. With experience in managing diabetes for last two decades we provide a global standard of treatment using devices and equipment recommended by American Diabetes Association and updated to recent studies.

We proudly have the largest data of Diabetic patients in India hence helping in best assessment of personal as well as community based trends in Diabetes onset,progression as well as effect of a particular or combined therapy.We try to make your treatment experience as comfortable as we can.